Strategies For Success

Congratulations for making it this far!. Now that you're ready to start using Leprechaun Finance to earn some great yields, let's look at some basic strategies you can follow. We'll break things down by complexity and relative risk, so feel free to mix and match elements according to your own level of experience, goals, and risk tolerance.

Genesis Pool Strategy

When the protocol launches, the genesis pools will be live for 3 days. By depositing any genesis pool's native token, you will continuously receive LEPR tokens as rewards! We strongly encourage all participants to partake in the genesis pools as early as possible, as this is a risk free way to earn LEPR tokens.

Farming LP Strategy

The LP pools will open 3 days after the genesis pools open. Take your LEPR rewards from the genesis pools (and/or buy some on SpookySwap) and pair it with FTM to receive LEPR-FTM LP tokens. You can then stake those LP tokens in our Farms to earn POT tokens as rewards. Furthermore, you can withdraw your POT token rewards and pair it with FTM to receive POT -FTM LP tokens. Stake those LP tokens in our Farms to earn even more POT. Talk about compounding gains!

Mint Staking Strategy

You can also use your POT rewards from farming (and/or buy some on SpookySwap) to stake in the Mint to earn additional LEPR when above peg and the Mint is printing

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