Contracts & Wallets

We've renounced our token contract prior to the launch of our Genesis pools, in order to provide transparency and address safety concerns mentioned by the community. See the transaction here:
Dev Wallet : 0xC76C264b2769FE13Ead2dF11DFB317A5E6968c61
Community Fund Wallet: 0x1F6D712F7573D02386Aca9f6F18260b296Fc6aE9

Leprechaun (LEPR)

Contract: 0x15666a3e94bb2136b63803a020123e762a6836a6

Pot of Gold (POT)

Contract: 0x4e483f49C582a6545D9930e4f9967E308fe1c48F

Pools and Other

LeprechaunGenesisRewardPool: 0xd79504bC372A87073351101066e80Af017aF0a7B
PotRewardPool: 0xF45552769e8A1803466599981b029282b186b857