Mint (Boardroom)

Give your Pots of Gold economic utility by deploying capital!

  • Epoch duration: 6 hours

  • Any interaction with the MINT (staking/unstaking POT or withdrawing LEPR rewards) will lock your staked POT for 6 epochs and LEPR rewards for 3 epochs.

  • Distribution of LEPR during Expansion

    90% as Reward for Boardroom POT Stakers 5% goes to Treasury/Community fund

    5% goes to DEV fund

  • Epoch Expansion: The current expansion cap is based on the currently circulating LEPR supply (see below for details). If there are bonds to be redeemed, 65% of minted LEPR goes to the treasury until its sufficiently stocked to satisfy future bond redemption

LEPR Circulating SupplyMax LEPR Minted

Up to 1.5M

3% expansion

Up to 5M

2.5% expansion

Up to 10M

2% expansion

Up to 20M

1.5% expansion

Up to 50M

1.25% expansion


1% expansion

The Mint does not print any rewards for POT stakers when LEPR's TWAP < 1.01 USDC.

Mint UI Information

Next Epoch indicates a countdown timer to the next epoch. (Each epoch duration lasts for 6 hours)

APR refers to the simple returns in USD value relative to the amount of POT staked (USD value). Note: APR fluctuates from time to time and is dependent on certain factors such as:

  • Price of LEPR

  • Price of POT

  • Amount of POT staked in Mint (Locked Value)

Mint Debt Phase

A debt phase takes place during expansion epochs that start after a contraction period where there are still LBOND to be redeemed.

65% of expansion during a debt phase is allocated to the treasury fund to prepare for subsequent LBOND redemption down the road. This amount is always reserved, regardless of whether LBOND holders are redeeming bonds or not.

Once enough LEPR is sufficiently stocked in the treasury to satisfy the redemption of all circulating LBOND, expansion rates will resume to normal.


To incentivize healthy liquidity pools for the Leprechaun Finance protocol tokens, our LP farms have been seeded with POTs to be distributed as rewards to LP stakers across a time period of 3 months. The total POT rewards are distributed from each farm as follows:

  • LEPR-USDCLP: 65,000 POT

  • POT-USDC LP: 25,000 POT

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